This is a transformative course critically acclaimed by senior executives, professionals from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Fortune 500 companies around North America
Learn the Secret Code to Speak Like a CEO in only 6 Weeks

Hack The Secret Accent Code That All Leaders, Power Players, And News Anchors Use (Though Almost Nobody Talks About) With A Proven Method That You Will See Results Even In Week One!

This course uses cognitive science backed methods to help you leverage the power of accents to get the job you want, the promotion you desire and to sign the deal you always dream of.

This course helps you break the hurdles of the accent and language barrier that almost all first generation immigrates have. This course teaches you how to shatter the glass-ceiling once and for all
The Accent Code Masterclass has proudly transformed the communication of the clients from:
What is the outcome of this course?
  • Learn how to present and speak like Fortune 500 leaders and high-performance people.
  • ​Learn how to build and leverage your voice brand to lead, impact and persuade.
  • You will know why you had accent and why most of the “accent reductions” don’t work and what is the most efficient, natural way of acquiring the powerful accent that all leaders in North America use
  • ​You will have the awareness of your accent pattern and learn how to hack and clone the high performance/influential speaker’s accent code.
  • ​You will have a completely new paradigm and new habit installed. It will be your “diamond cutter” to shatter the glass-ceiling. 
Who is this course for?
  • International professionals/entrepreneurs who would like to master the secret accent code of North American English that all persuasive, charismatic leaders in America use in the boardrooms and podiums every day.
  • ​Those who are determined to improve their English communication skills so they could communicate more effectively and congruent with their true selves.
  • ​Brought voice and accent transformations to numerous international entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, professionals and professors in North America, Europe, Asia, and Middle-East. 
  • ​​American Speech-Hearing Association board certified speech-language pathologist. (Only 0.001% of the board certified speech-language pathologist in the US are Asian males according to ASHA)
  • The 1st Annual CUHK-Chinese Collegiate Shakespeare Festival Best Actor Award Winner (2005, Hong Kong)
This course is not for you, if...
  • You think your accent doesn't have any negative effect on your career and business success.
  • You believe in so-called experts that "You have way past the golden age of accent acquisition".
  • You think hacking the accent is impossible.
  • ​You are satisfied with where you are now and you refuse to change and grow.
  • ​You think there's NO way to shatter the glass ceiling
"Sam is one of the top american accent coaches in the world"
Richard Dolan, Performance Coach for NBA Miami Heat player Juwan Howard and boxing champion Mike Tyson. 2-time NBA Championship ring winner).  
what the accent code masterclass clients say about the course...
What is included?
  • 6 Two-hour Modulated Pre-recorded Course. (Value $997)
  • Weekly worksheet and action items that designed to guarantee magical results. (Value $297)
  • ​Accent pattern performance self-evaluation kit (Value $547)
  • Bonus: 5AM club challenge seminar (Value $547)
  • ​Bonus: Lifestyle upgrade seminar (Value $597)
  • ​Bonus: extra 12 months weekly Glass Ceiling Crasher Group Coaching Membership ($997)

Total Value: $3,982

Today ONLY $397
Course Outline:
Module One – Decode the Accent Code
1. What is the accent code
2. Why accent code is important
3. Communication process and the flow
4. The only three things sell you out
Module Two – The Accent Debunked 
1. The biggest accent mistake most people make
2. Sense group and breath unit
3. The secret weapon of presidents and news anchors
4. Tonality staircase
Module Three -- Understanding the Accent: Things that Sell You Out.
1. 80/20 rule: tonality, tonality, tonality
2. Connectivity and waves
3. Syllable Lego pieces
4. Pitch and stress
Module Four - Sorry, Your Ears Always Cheat on You    
1. How your ears have always been cheating on you
2. Activate your RAS and understand your brain
3. How to hack the accent
4. The three-step accent hacking method
5. A completely new toolkit installed
6. A thousand-year-old “new” method

Module Five: Character Transformation: Speak Like CEO, Impress Like an Actor
1. Why the traditional accent modification do not work?
2. Who are you becoming? The case of Al Pacino
3. The biggest Hollywood secret revealed
4. The lessons from CIA and KGB
5. Accent success formula

Module Six: Transcend the character
1. The myth of becoming a "native speaker"
2. Musicality of your voice
3. How to leverage your emotion with your accent and voice
4.  The laser focus
5.  How to carry over and transcend the character

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